Multi-User Gaze-Based Interaction


Gaze based interaction is commonly considered within a single user scenario. Many techniques emerged to combine people’s eye movements together with other input modalities to interact with each other or computing systems, such as interactive surfaces. In this seminar the focus is on the development of applications providing multi user gaze based interaction input. Teams of two persons will design and implement an interactive application. The software to use the eye trackers will be provided. Students are free to develop their own ideas, which will be only restricted to different categories provided by us. To get feedback project ideas and related work have to be presented to the group. Attendance during all meetings is mandatory.

important dates

Kickoff Meeting: 15. April
Preliminary Project Ideas Proposal: 29th of April
Final Project Idea & Related Work: 20th, 27th of May and 3rd of June
Project Progress & Problems: 22th of July
Final Presentation: 26th of August
Every meeting starts at 14.00 c.t.


Dr. Andreas Bulling
Christian Lander (DFKI)
Pascal Lessel (DFKI)
Denise Paradowski (DFKI)


To register for the seminar please use this link. Registrations by e-mail will not be considered.


Summer term 2014

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