Attentive User Interfaces


As the number of interactive systems around us rapidly increases, managing user attention has emerged as a critical challenge for next-generation human-computer interfaces. This research seminar will explore attentive user interfaces that continuously sense, analyse, and adapt to users’ visual attention. We start with a general introduction into the topic as well as an overview of the main research challenges that span computer vision, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. The main part of the seminar will consist of lecture-style presentations prepared and given by the students on key topics, such computational modelling of visual attention, gaze estimation, eye movement analysis, gaze visualisation, as well as gaze-based human-computer and human-robot interaction. References as a starting point for more in-depth literature studies by the students will be provided. The seminar will also feature presentations by PhD students on selected research projects currently conducted in the group. Students interested in additional hands-on experience (not graded) can borrow a state-of-the-art head-mounted eye tracker for the duration of the seminar.


The research seminar is intended for Master students in Computer Science, Visual Computing, and Media Informatics. The grade is composed of individual grades for the presentation, participation in the discussions as well as a final oral exam.
Successful completion of at least one of the following core lectures is required: Image Processing and Computer Vision, High-level Computer Vision/Graphical Models, Machine Learning, User Interface Design, or Computer Graphics.


Dr. Andreas Bulling
Julian Steil

date and time

every Tuesday from 10am – 12am in rooms 021/024, building E1.4 (MPI-INF)


Winter term 2016


Registration is closed.

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tentative schedule

25. October 2016 Room 024 Introduction and welcome
08. November 2016 Room 024 Introduction | PhD talks: Julian Steil, Philipp Mueller
15. November 2016 Room 021 Lecture 1: Eye movements, cognition, and attention | L1.1, L1.2
22. November 2016 Room 024 PhD talks: Hosna Sattar, Xucong Zhang
29. November 2016 Room 021 Lecture 2: Computational modelling of visual attention | L2
06. December 2016 Room 024 Lecture 3: Model-based gaze estimation | L3.1, L3.2
13. December 2016 Room 021 Lecture 4: Appearance-based gaze estimation | L4.1, L4.2
03. January 2017 Room 024 Lecture 5: Practical issues in eye tracking | L5.1, L5.2
17. January 2017 Room 024 Lecture 6: Eye movement analysis | L6.1, L6.2
24. January 2017 Room 024 Lecture 7: Visual behaviour modelling | L7
31. January 2017 Room 024 Lecture 8: Gaze visualisation | L8.1, L8.2
07. February 2017 Room 024 Lecture 9: Gaze in human-computer interaction and UX | L9.1, L9.2
14. February 2017 Room 024 Lecture 10: Gaze in social robotics and virtual agents | L10