Talk by Enkelejda Kasneci (University of Tübingen)

Enkelejda Kasneci from the University of Tübingen will be visiting our group on October 14. She will give a public talk on “Exploiting the potential of eye movements analysis in the driving context” (MPI-INF, 6th floor Rotunde).


Driving is a complex and highly visual task. With the development of high-end eye-tracking devices, numerous studies over the last two decades have investigated eye movements of the driver to identify deficits in visual search patterns and to derive assistive, informative, and entertainment systems. However, little is known about the visual behavior during autonomous driving, where the driver can be involved in other tasks but still has to remain attentive in order to be able to resume control of the vehicle. This talk discusses applications of eye movement analysis to future autonomous driving approaches. Knowledge derived from such analysis can be then used to estimate the driver’s level of attentiveness and, consequently, as input to an informative system that recaptures the driver’s visual attention and directs it towards the driving task.